Black Cat 6 is a project started by Neil Citron and Lucciano  Lucciano late in 2019. Two musicians who met in the studio, who  both had toured extensively and wanted to make music that made  them both happy. Both Neil and Lucciano have roots in Hard rock,  Blues and Funk music so their lane could be pretty wide as far as  material direction. Like most musicians who get together for the  first time, it starts with the 1st CD and then you continue down  that road making twists and turns while staying true to the band’s  sound. The 1st outing for the band, self titles “Black Cat 6” is a  hard rock, Metal inspired CD with Jon Pomplin on Bass and guest  keyboardist (signed to another label and played secretly) to round  out the recordings. All drums and guitars were recorded in Las  Vegas at Hidden Fortress Studios and well as mixed and  mastered there. Bass was recorded in Chicago and Keys in Los  Angeles.

The 2nd CD ( Felons) was recorded almost the same  way except the addition of a Bass Player ( also kept secret due to  contracts) and Keys played by another yet equally special guest.  Drums and Bass recorded in Los Angeles while guitars and  keyboards in Las Vegas. Both CD’s were recorded and mixed on  2 inch tape (Old School) on a Studer 827 machine. The current  Black Cat 6 line up will include Robbie Pag on bass and Ed Roth  on keys recorded at Hidden Fortress Studios with Neil and  Lucciano adding drums and guitars in El Paso Texas at Sonic  Ranch. Time for a road trip after the Covid 19 lock down. Bothe  the 2nd and 3rd CD’s are more Hard Rock with the Black Cat 6  feel and letting go of lane changes. The 4th CD is written and  demoed just waiting it’s turn to be recorded. Looking forward to  seeing you in person in late 2021-2022 covid willing. All the best,